Pompeii Classics

Our classic tour: an expert guide will help you uncover the secrets of the ancient city of Pompeii! This 2 hour, privately guided tour with a flexible and customized itinerary remains the best way to explore Pompeii at your own pace. This itinerary, recommended for first time visitors, is designed to show the highlights of this world- reknowned archeological site and plunges you into the daily life of the Ancient Romans! Our tour starts at the Marina Gate, which is the main access to the ancient city, leading to the Forum. The stunning and breathtaking area of the Forum is a must see. A center of religious, cultural and political life, it hosts the most important public buildings, such as the Basilica (court house), the Macellum (main market), the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Apollo and the Municipal Buildings. After the Forum, we explore the Thermal baths and the area of the Theaters. On the way, we focus on the best preserved shops and the most important private houses. At this point, we examine the famous plaster casts. These are former citizens of Pompeii, frozen in time in the last moments of their life.

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Written by Chiara - Torino, ITALIA
on 05/05/2019 (Trip Advisor)

Tour Indimenticabile! Stefano e Antonietta sono stati di grande aiuto nell’organizzazione della nostra visita agli scavi. Stefano ha reso la nostra esperienza a Pompei ancora più memorabile! Le sua preparazione e la sua chiarezza espositiva ci sono state preziosissime! Con simpatia e grande professionalità, e’ pronto a rispondere a qualsiasi domanda lungo il percorso di visita. SemiPrivatePompeiiTour e’ assolutamente consigliato!!
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How can I get to Pompeii?
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Visit the new part of Pompeii: for the first time opened to the public!
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