Pompeii, off the beaten track

This tour is designed for those who have already been to Pompeii, loved it and are returning for more. If you want an opportunity to delve deeper into the daily life of the ancient city, and you’re a curious and adventurous traveler, this is the tour for you! Our itinerary starts with the spectacular view of the Forum and Mount Vesuvius and covers the “off-the-beaten course” areas of the site, with the aim to avoid the crowds and give you a real experience of the daily life of Pompeii! There is a world to discover outside the walls of the ancient city, a distance away from the most popular and busy spots of Pompeii. Starting with the Necropolis of Herculaneum Gate and Nocera Gate, we highlight some of the most beautiful Villas from the roman era, like the Villa of Diomedes and the Villa of the Mysteries. The latter is considered to be one of the most fascinating places on the site. Discovered in the spring of 1909, the villa is famous for showcasing one of the most important decorative fresco collections in the Roman world. From the Villa, we head to the amphitheater, an impressive and grandiose construction, with its capacity of up to 12,000 spectators. Famous for hosting the gladiator games, the amphitheater area offers the unique opportunity to discover how Pompeii brought ancient Roman wine back to life. The grape vines are planted exactly in the same position and grow from the same soil as they did 2 millenia ago. The city's wine producers exploited them until the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

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Written by Nicholas - UK
on 04/07/2019 (Get Your Guide)

Stefano gave us an amazing tour! The small group size made us feel like we were on a personal tour and he did a great job navigating the site to show us as much as he could while avoiding the crowds. Would definitely recommend!
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