POMPEII accessible to ALL (wheelchairs are welcome!)

With the accessible route, called “Pompeii for all” it is finally possible for all visitors with disabilities and families with strollers to access the archaeological area in order to enjoy this unique ancient site! The itinerary is 3 kilometers long and has two entry/exit points: Piazza Esedra and the Amphitheater Gate. Ramps and elevators, created to overcome architectural barriers, allow for easy access to experience your journey back in time! Don't miss it! Meet your guide at the Amphitheater *Gate, where it is possible to admire two of the highlights of Pompeii: the Amphitheater and the G reat Gymnasium. From there, continue exploring the ancient Roman city along Via Dell’Abbondanza, the main route dividing Pompeii from east to west and leading to the Forum. N amed after the marble fountain depicting the head of Abundance, the street is one of the most interesting places on the site. Featured are plenty of shops, some of the best preserved wealthy/affluent Roman houses, political announcements and the Stabian Baths. Our last stop is the Forum, the heart of Pompeii, with its thriving market and trade center for the Roman city, where you will encounter all the most important public buildings. On our way out, we will use the elevator to reach the Piazza Esedra.

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Written by Camila
on 22/10/2018 (Get Your Guide)

Anto was a delight! She really gave meaning to all the ruins. Without her we would just be walking around. Her english is very good! We really enjoyed the tour.
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How can I get to Pompeii?
del 27/11/2019
Visit the new part of Pompeii: for the first time opened to the public!
del 24/11/2019
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