Herculaneum Classics

The city of Herculaneum was buried by the same eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that covered Pompeii, but much more ash sealed this city under the ground for 17 centuries, giving us the opportunity today to uncover the original wood structures, the second floors, the perfectly preserved mosaics, a wooden ship used to fish… You can not find all of these things and more in Pompeii. Hercolaneum, awaits to be admired by you with our professional guides walking you through the mysteries dating back 2000 years.
Also, the smaller size of Hercolaneum and the relatively small number of visitors makes the visit very enjoyable. Notably, in full summer, Hercolaneum offers much more shade than Pompeii, as many more indoor places are open. The visit covers the Thermal Baths, the 300 skeletons of the victims awaiting a ship to rescue them, many private houses, the only wooden door preserved in the Roman World, the mosaic of Neptune and Anfitrite and the original wooden ship used to fish in the Thyrrenian Sea bordering the city.

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Written by Monty - USA
on 02/11/2018 (Trip Advisor)

Stefano & Antonetta are incredibly good tour guides. Stefano emailed me frequently, as we took an Italia Rail train from Rome. The times and local trains were tricky, we wouldn't have made it without his guidance! Anyonetta's tour was fabulous. Her knowledge of all things Pompei surpassed other guides, and her sense of humor was an added bonus! I'll never forget her encouraging me to sing in the amphitheater. She asked our tour if anyone wanted to test the perfect acoustics. I sang the Messiah at the bottom dead-center, and it's a lifetime memory. Thanks Antonetta for such a superb tour, worth every cent!
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