Visit the new part of Pompeii: for the first time opened to the public!

del 24/11/2019

Today for the first time visitors will be able to visit the the biggest thermal bath of the ancient roman city as well as a newly- discovered fresco depicting an erotic scene from the Greek myth Leda and Swan and the newly-reopened House of Golden Cupids!

A "new golden age" for the Unesco-listed site starts today! Thanks to the intensified dig discovery and the works of restoration of the past years we can enjoy the view of the beautiful fresco depicting the Spartan queen Leda being seduced by a swan, and visit the stunning Central Bath, as well as the House of the Golden Cupids.
The central bath were constructed immediately after the earthquake of 62 A.D. (in fact many of the materials used were plundered from nearby buildings) and was interrupted as a result of the eruption in 79 A.D. It was built on more modern and functional lines than the Stabian Baths, and had to answer, given the dramatic population increase, to the growing needs of the citizens. These are in fact bigger than all the other baths, lie at the intersection of two of Pompeii's main streets, Via Stabiana and Via di Nola and occupy the whole of the interior of the insula and are equipped with a large gymnasium, numerous baths and a room intended exclusively as a "sudatorium"-sweating room. The decoration is of the richest and most magnificent appearance. Excavators also uncovered the skeleton of a small child in the ruins. "He or she was looking for shelter, and found death instead," said Alberta Martellone, who led the excavation.
The house of the Golden Cupids, renamed after the Cupids engraved on two gold medallions that decorate a cubicle of the portico is one of the most elegant of the Imperial era: set around the spectacular peristylium, is characterised by the high quantity of  mythological paintings

So let's explore the new part of Pompeii with us: you can't miss it!


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Written by Fabrizio - ITALY
on 30/03/2019 (Get Your Guide)

Stefano is an excellent guide and Pompeii is just breathtaking. So much history, that Stefano explained us perfectly. The tour was 2h, Stefano came to pick us up at the train station, and in 5 minutes we were inside, without doing the line. Stefano showed us the most important parts and gave us more recommendations if we wanted to see something more. Totally recommended, next time around Naples we plan to do another tour with him. Keep going like this, best of luck. Fabrizio
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Visit the new part of Pompeii: for the first time opened to the public!
del 24/11/2019
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